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Auckland Test Match

It was agonising to see India lose the Test by just 40 runs, especially as at one time it seemed that the match was firmly in their grasp. A rash stroke by Jadeja, who was playing as if he wanted to win the match on his own, and an umpiring blunder in Rahane’s dismissal, were to my mind, contributors to India’s defeat. Of course, the Kiwi bowlers, except their spinner, bowled in a very disciplined manner and did not give much away. All in all, a disappointment and yet another case of being near yet so far.


Neil Harvey

I was pleasantly surprised to see an interview of the former Aussie Test great, Neil Harvey, during the India- New Zealand cricket Test at Wellington. Harvey is still remembered in India for his unmatched ability to play spin bowling, although he retired almost half a decade ago. Brought back memories of the past.

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